Dummies For Dyslexics

When I was young, I used to think that Philistines and Philippines were the same banana (or ethnolinguistic group.)

It made me happy thinking that the Lord, our God, took personal interest in us not only during the first EDSA, but in smiting our ancestors for worshipping Dagon and Baal and all those other cool cats who have fallen by the wayside and are now lucky to be video game villains if remembered at all.

They must have been pretty bad ass to have merited so much Divine wrath. I mean, the Philistines were like the bumbay bogeymen elders used to frighten us when we were being disobedient, and when they were being racists. Except, of course, the Philistines really did conquer Israel more than once.

Fun June Fact: It is almost over.


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