1. Clicking on the link will let you do that. It’s not ours, though.

    We are the blog equivalents of hunter-gatherers.
    We have not developed enough to have resources for merchandising. ^_^

  2. The reason why Filipinos never get anywhere is that there are no opportunities here for the skills they developed from college. There are NO JOBS. Ergo, they work their butt off doing something out of their skills, like a call center agent, earning their keep that someday they will get out of that temporary hell hole to find opportunity outside this godawful country.

    So who’s to fucking blame? The government and it’s socialist ideals which right now overtaxes everyone just fulfill their fucking projects. So I ask you, do you keep a portion of what you make in a month? Do local companies survive now that they are overtaxed? Are they still gonna be around during this recession?

  3. @Jaybee, while I agree that we do pay too much in taxes, this is not because we live in a socialist state, or because our government has a socialist bent. What it is is inefficient.

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