3 valid reasons to hate Willie Revillame

Now that it seems Willie didn’t actually abuse the kid, we need to remember that Willie Revillame is still a big douchebag:

Torturing his ex-wife, and then spinning it for sympathy

In 2006, Willie’s wife Liz Almoro filed a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) against him to keep him away from her.

The TPO is an order issued either by a court or a village justice panel to protect women from husbands who beat them up or subject them to psychological torture. Under that order, a husbands accused of beating his wife is forced to leave home and stay away
from his wife and children.

Not to be out-underdogged, here’s how Willie dealt with the court basically telling him that he is a threat to his wife’s life:

The “Wowowee” program host was supposedly “squatting”
in a dressing room of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. and sleeping on a narrow couch after he was “thrown out”
of his conjugal home…”


Possibly actual sexual harrassment

Former Wowowee dancer Euanne “The Bump” Bautista accused Willie of feeling her up and, on more
than one occassion, kissing her between her breasts

The case was dismissed by the court because apparently, being just a talent, and not an employee of ABS-CBN, Willie could not have committed sexual harassment. He couldn’t possibly have used his position or authority to force himself on “The Bump,” right?

Hiding behind his show and his fans

For all his macho bullshit about, you know, being a ladies’ man, Revillame is only tough when in front of fans he has already bought with the promise of free money.

He went to war with showbiz columnist Jobert Sucaldito on his show and only on his show. Since DZMM, where Sucaldito works, is in the same complex as ABS-CBN, where Willie does, it would have been easier and less drama queenly to just go up to Sucaldito and tell him what’s what.

But Willie chose to do it on his show, daring the network (where he has no position or authority) to fire Sucaldito or lose him as a talent. He lost.

When he transferred to TV5 and ABS-CBN sued him for copyright infringement, he told his fans to show their support by showing up at the Makati court where the case was being heard.

Even spats with fellow comedians/sex fiends have to be shown on air like real life were the World Wrestling Federation.

When John Estrada was offered a job hosting a show for ABS-CBN, Willie called him out on his show.

“He told him on the phone with the microphone held to his mouth, ‘Pag nag-Channel 2 ka at nag-noontime show ka dyan, wala kang kaibigan na Willie. (If you work for Channel 2 and you go on a noontime show there, you’ll have no friend named Willie)'”

He also told Estrada, on live TV, to look for a new best man because he would boycott Estrada’s wedding to a Brazilian model.

The only way that episode could have qualified as good television is if Hulk Hogan suddenly came out and gave Willie a Leg Drop of Doom.


If you hurt my friends, then you hurt my pride