Make up your mind, little girl

It’s difficult to believe Arroyo spokesperson Elena Bautista-Horn’s claims of a plot to murder former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo because she doesn’t seem to know anything about the plot except that it supposedly exists and because she doesn’t know what she wants the government to do about it.

When the Aquino administration played down the alleged murder plot as a work of fiction, Horn got angry at the government’s callousness:

Mas ma-appreciate namin kung sabihin man lang nila paiimbestigahan ang report na ito. Walang effort to even investigate, (We sould appreciate it if they at least said they will investigate the report. But there’s no effort to investigate),” she told dwIZ radio.

Which, apparently, the police did “even as some sectors were simply laughing off the claim.”

[Philippine National Police chief Nicanor] Bartolome admitted he just learned of the supposed slay plot from a news report Wednesday evening, adding that the PNP has yet to receive details of the alleged assassination plot.

He said that it would be of help if Horn would name her source so that police could go directly to the person to investigate.

And Bautista-Horn, eager to nip any assassination plot in the bud promptly did, giving the police leads that led to the dramatic arrest of a group of disgruntled military officers who had been biding their time to exact vengeance. Or, at least, that’s would have happened in a normal world where people do things that make sense.

What actually happened, apparently, is Bautista-Horn told the police nothing.


The Arroyo camp will also not be asking for additional government security since that will mean more risk for the former President since the government itself is trying to kill her.

So basically, Bautista-Horn wants us to take an alleged plan to kill her boss seriously but also not do anything about it (aside from snickering, anyway). People skilled in politics (being politicians) have called the move a red herring and an appeal for sympathy, which it might well be. But really, Bautista-Horn can save herself the trouble of doing the rounds of TV and radio station by just getting on Twitter and sending this message: “The government wants to kill my boss. #justsaying”


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