When online electioneering goes too far

With the billions that he’s putting into his presidential campaign, Senator Manuel Bamba Villar Jr. might as well buy the entire Internet. He’s on Google AdSense, he’s on Twitter, he’s even on facebook, suggesting that you become his fan or friend or both.

He’s everywhere now, and he might just take it a little too far.

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The State of RP Agriculture

There are four things wrong with this image from the Department of Agriculture:

1. Nobody uses 2-liner analog cellphones any more.

2. Rotary phones no longer work.

3. There is no excuse for using animated .gifs any more.

4. That doesn’t even make sense.

Somewhere, a vengeful hog is plotting the destruction of our very way of life.

You Ask, Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers isn’t really known for being a source of reliable information (that’s what Wikipedia is for.)

It’s the same basic concept, really. Except instead of reading enyclopedia entries, you get to ask the Internet anything you want.

Sometimes it works,

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Facebook Find

And now for something completely different:

damned dirty ape

damned dirty ape

(Thx, spy mouse!)

iFM: Filipino Gigolo

In 2002, GMA-7 relaunched itself as the Kapuso (roughly, “of the same heart”) network and started calling their talents and consumers kapuso. In 2003, ABS-CBN followed suit with their Kapamilya (roughly, “of the same family”).

Other stations and media outlets soon became ka-bandwagon and started calling their viewers and listeners kabarkada (“of the same gang”), kasambahay (“of the same household”) and kabagang (“of the same…you know what? They probably just made that up”).

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Is this a cake or a cock?

Uh, does anyone else think that this ad for Red Ribbon’s Choc-O-Nut Roll looks like something else?

*cue awkward silence*

*cue awkward silence*

Their description doesn’t help things, either:

Classic soft white chiffon with rich creamy icing made even more tempting with lavish sprinkling of chocolate bits and crushed nuts.

Well, alright, the  ” soft white”  part, not so much.  But rich and creamy? Bits? Nuts? Anyone?