Dear DJs of That Reggae Show on the Radio

Dear DJs of That Reggae Show on the Radio,

Listen. I went to a liberal college for a really (really) long time and have long hair, so I can say I love reggae as much as the next reasonably cool guy. I think it’s really great that you guys play reggae on the radio and I hope you guys stay on the air for a long time.

A favor, though: Could you maybe lay off the fake Jamaican accents? I know that you’re Filipinos and nobody’s expecting your station to scout Kingston for authentic selectors just to keep me happy.  You’re not fooling anyone, and don’t have to.

Also, the references to weed.  I know it’s sort of an open secret that reggae = weed, but that’s the thing. You’re not supposed to be in everyone’s face about it.  Don’t pretend to be firing up a bong in your radio booth. We know your station, and the businessman who owns it, won’t allow it. And supposing that your bosses do allow you to do drugs while you do your show, there’s no reason to let everyone who can tune in know about it.  The Babylon system is everywhere, especially in Manila.

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