HOR’s continued exploits

Let’s see:

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Pros-– possibly cheaper electric bills, fairly reliable energy source, the illusion of Philippine industrialization bypassing the fact that we have no steel mills of our own and can not even produce a safety pin or a nail that we can proudly say is ‘made in the Philippines.’

Cons– the power plant itself is smack right on top of a fault line –no, wait. As the distinguished gentleman from… Fuck it, it was Cojuangco of Hacienda Luisita infamy who said the fault line was to the north of the power plant.

Yeah, like fault lines stop midway. Or that a fault line shift won’t affect the power plant. Plus the power plant lies at the foot of a dormant volcano. The same way Pinatubo was said to be dormant. Simple mathematics time.

Power plant + technological glitch (likely?) + human error (very likely) = catastrophe or Chernobyl proportions

Dormant volcano in the Philippines = Philippines in the Pacific ring of fire = possible Pinatubo

Pinatubo explosion = Chernobyl x10

So … Bataan Nuclear Power Plant + technological glitch + human error + a shift in the fault line + volcano in the pacific ring of fire = aglihaghagkaghil;agiajiaghagiawe



CARPER (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms)


Heaaaaad, shoulders knees and toes (knees and toes!)

Pros– a 5-year extension of the 22-year old CARP which promised to give lands to the tillers, or at least to alleviate abject poverty of the farm workers of the country (70% of which make up our population)

Cons– 22 years, man. 22 years under CARP and we still get traffic in the Quezon City Circle because of the farmers picketing at the Department of Agrarian Reform almost every week.

22 years of that means CARP isn’t working for them. A country of 80% farm lands that imports rice from abroad? That’s fucking crazy. By what leap of logic do we think five more years of that is going to do anything?


Right of Reply

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Elementary english taught us about antonyms. If ‘pro’ is the opposite of ‘con,’ progress must be the opposite of…



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