A pop-culture quiz for 90’s kids

premadonna asks:

1. Sa palabas na Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ang daga ay si Splinter, ang kalaban na may metal helmet ay si Shredder, ang dalawang goons ay si Rocksteady at Bebop. Ano ang pangalan ng mukhang kurimaw na may utak sa tiyan?

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Catanduanes: serious business

oh, catanduanes...

oh, Catanduanes...

The provincial board of Catanduanes wants the government to ban airing of a TV ad for corrupting the minds of thousands of children into thinking remittance is spelled L-B-C.

While proper spelling is fundamental, unless banking is now an elementary school subject, nobody would really have noticed.

Real Men

What is a man? If you answered ‘a miserable pile of secrets,’ then you are a bigger geek than we are and you need to get out of 1994.

Alucard. Not a real man.

Alucard. Not a real man.

But if you have been following the drama over at Tunay na Lalake, you’ll know it takes all sorts to make a real man.

The drama is believed to have started over at facebook, where men who like men accused the ‘real’ men of sexist macho shit.

The ‘real’ men retaliated by claiming that men who like men simply do not understand real men.

This, of course, is like waving a red flag in front of an angry bull. Or waving a [insert sex organ] in front of [insert gender demographic corresponding to the aforementioned sex organ for maximum sexist joke].

Meanwhile, women, real or otherwise, remain unimpressed.

–premadonna (not a real man)

AKO MISMO: A Conspiracy Theory

You Are Entering A Tin Foil Hat Zone

You Are Entering A Tin Foil Hat Zone

Is the Ako Mismo! campaign a proxy for Sen. Richard Gordon’s Bagumbayan-Volunteers for a New Philippines?

Probably not. And there is no real reason to think that it is. Unless you don’t consider that it probably totally is.

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Marcos in reverse: The Great book Blockade of ’09

Let us be clear on one thing: The “Great” in the Great Book Blockade of 2009 refers to the enormity of the blockade, and not that the Sweet Valley for the Emo generation ” Twilight” has now entered the canon of English literature. Do not sign up for a Humanities class expecting to discuss what the existence of vampires who play baseball “means.”

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