Once more, with feelings

From the Department of Stale News and Current Affairs, it seems another senator has taken up the mantle to protect the dignity of fellow Filipinos and the motherland. Whether or not we want him to.

Senator Bong Revilla, aka Kap, aka Captain Barbel, aka Nardong Putik and a myriad other known aliases, has had his Filipino pride affronted by Hollywood 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin’s joke on The Late Show with David Letterman .

The next time you crack a joke, dress appropriately. Just so everyone knows you’re making a joke.

“[I’m] thinking about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point… or a Russian one,” Baldwin said in light of his messy, not to mention incredibly public divorce with a fellow Hollywood celebrity.

This sort of comment seems to have struck Revilla deeply and personally, reverberating to the very core of his being. Presumably, the good Senator was up watching Letterman’s lame-ass program instead of fulfilling his Senatorial responsibilities. But he intends to make up for this by personally opening a can of whoop-ass on Baldwin.

“Let him try to come here in the Philippines and he’ll see mayhem,” Revilla said, channeling the spirit of the late FPJ if FPJ were brain dead and lacking a sense of humor.

Armed to the teeth, foul foreign swine! Also, MAYHEM!



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