90% of our cops can’t shoot

The National Police Commission has announced that 90% of our Philippine National Police cannot shoot straight, and do not even know how to maintain their guns.


And that isn’t really surprising, since 90% of our encounters with the police does not involve running gun battles and bitter house-to-house fighting.

I mean, it’s pretty unrealistic for us to expect them to be expert marksmen when they’re already busy being assholes, extorting grease money from people, and acting like they own the road. Getting in some shooting time at the range is close to impossible with the schedules they keep.

"I simply can't..."

"I simply can't..."

And it isn’t just the schedule, either. We are a cash-strapped nation, and the PNP has to set its priorities. If we spent our money on training rounds, we’d never get any junketing done.


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