Phrases That Have Been Used Too Often

Team [Noun]

As in: Team USA, Team Philippines, Team Bryan, Team PNP, Team Army, Team [Random Branch of Service]. Words and slogans tend to jump the shark when the government starts using them.

“no less than [optional adjective] [noun]”

As in: “Reported by no less than the Commission on Human Rights…”

In Fairview

As in: “In Fairview, ha, he’s very good,” but not as a response to being asked where one lives if one actually does lives there. Slightly more irritating than saying “in fairness” because you’re trying to be clever.

Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain

As in: Well, as in Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain.

Pa-cheeseburger ka naman

As in: “Wow, a promotion! Pa-cheeseburger ka naman.

It works just as well as pa-beer ka naman, which, often, is not at all.


Did I miss any? Feel free to add to the list by posting a comment.


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