Tito Jun: Everybody’s Relative

While Tita Girlie, Tita Baby and Tito Boy (also, inexplicably, Lolo Boy) are the more well-known examples of weird, supposedly funny, Filipino names, there is no name more common in the Philippines than Tito Jun.

Tito Juns are the glue that holds our fragmented society together. We may believe in different gods (or none), and have a tendency to clash over politics, but we are united by this more than by our brown skin and pudgy noses: Like dark secrets, everybody has at least one Tito Jun. And as the song goes, well, that’s the one thing we’ve got.

Fun June Fact: Today is Kamehameha Day in Hawaii, a celebration of the founder of  the Kingdom of Hawai’i and ’90s anime legend,

Kamehameha the Great.

He is not to be blamed for your summer days spent in plastic straw skirts and puka shells dancing to scratchy Hula music or the unholy alliance of pineapples and pizza. He was a pretty solid guy, apparently. Great, even.


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