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And now for something completely different:

damned dirty ape

damned dirty ape

(Thx, spy mouse!)

Is this a cake or a cock?

Uh, does anyone else think that this ad for Red Ribbon’s Choc-O-Nut Roll looks like something else?

*cue awkward silence*

*cue awkward silence*

Their description doesn’t help things, either:

Classic soft white chiffon with rich creamy icing made even more tempting with lavish sprinkling of chocolate bits and crushed nuts.

Well, alright, the  ” soft white”  part, not so much.  But rich and creamy? Bits? Nuts? Anyone?

Maling Akala

onetamadakalaWith at least half of the posts on Sen. Manuel Villar, Jr.’s pre-campaign campaign website blatantly singing him praises, there really is one logical conclusion to make.

Of course, there are also legitimate posts on his website. Like this one that reduced me to inconsolable weeping :


As always, the comment thread is open for your own Maling Akala.

Pinoy Insecurity Force

For every Chip Tsao, Alec Baldwin and Roger Ebert, there are thousands of Filipinos ready to burn down the Internet over the slightest perceived slur against our Strong Republic.

To save time and effort on online message boards, Mcoy came up with this:


Here’s looking at you, Roilo Golez. Which is not so say that patriotism is for jackasses, so use judiciously. Which can also be said of patriotism itself.

Political Ad


Sadly, this is no more absurd than the thinly-veiled “advocacy ads” that our presumptive presidential candidates have been spending millions on months before the official campaign period.

Pres. Quezon actually did endorse Ang Tibay shoes, if memory serves. But, you know, those were shoes, not abstracts like hard work and perseverance.

Enraged by early campaigning and/or our mediocre Photoshop skills? Feel free to make your own political ads and post them below. Or not. It’s up to you, really.


Let it not be said that the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines do not try their best to make lemonade from lemons. In the proverbial sidewalk of life, these guys squeeze every bit of juice and pulp to put in their lemonade. Which doesn’t quite mean that they cannot be kicked to the curb by big bullies.

Great effort does not always mean great success, as these formerly top secret weapons will show.

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