Pacquiao promoted to Lt. Colonel for nothing at all

Part-time Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao has been promoted to a lieutenant colonel in the Army reserves, the same rank that my dead grandfather, who fought against the Japanese and, later, the Huks held when he was buried with military honors.

[President Benigno Aquino III] on September 21 authorized the promotion of Pacquiao from a reserve senior master sergeant to a lieutenant colonel. He skipped the ranks of chief master sergeant, second lieutenant, first lieutenant, captain and major.

You know what else he skipped? Officer candidacy school, National Security school, actual reservist service, and the whole point of a merit system. Oh, also, college.

Which, I guess, shows poor career planning on my grandfather’s part. He probably did not have to fight in the war, get a degree in Chemistry from UP, train in Fort Hood in the US, and teach at the Philippine Military Academy when he should have just focused on boxing instead.

He didn't even have to shave, apparently.

All that nastiness about the Death March and getting caught in a Huk ambush could have been avoided, and my dead grandmother could have been spared a lifetime of worry over her husband possibly dying leading a Battalion Combat Team through Hukbalahap territory in Central Luzon if he had only had the foresight to turn pro boxer, I guess.

Seriously. Fuck everything about this.


  1. It’s easy to be a hero nowadays. Just be a celebrity, lie through your teeth and tell the whole world you’re doing whatever you’re doing for the country.

  2. I totally agree with you. This is a disgrace to the soldier who are serving our country, may it be active or reservist. What the hell are they thinking? This whole promotion is a joke!! Pacquio should have declined it. I know he’s a good person and all, he might be an officer in boxing but not in the military.

  3. That’s right, Alingosang. It’s legal and everything, but that doesn’t mean it should be done.

    It’s a PR move more than anything, and that’s what pisses me off the most.

  4. Every one of you who replied here is from a military family, no?
    But not soldiers themselves, no?
    That’s why you react like that, no?
    Way to lower the morale of your military… I would rather follow Pacquiao who did not finish college, have not been to war, have not gone through years of experience in the military, into battle than that General Garcia who did everything a military man should do to be a General but is corrupt.

  5. Hoy Buji boy, get some balls. Why dont you publish this crap under your real name: ROBERT JA BASILIO, JR. Ashamed of your own writing?

    • This crap is particularly well-written, actually. We actually almost won an award for it.

      Well, we made it to the finals, anyway.

      And my real name isn’t ROBERT JA BASILIO, JR.

      Is your real name ROBERT JA BASILIO, JR., “Drunken banker” also known as “jillthescribbler” and “UPmad”?

      If so, shame on you, ROBERT JA BASILIO, JR. !

  6. The Garcia comment is ridiculous. Not an argument indeed. Don’t generalize our servicemen. A lot of them work their butts off for so little money and crappy benefits.

  7. Nope. No military in my family. Just a concerned citizen like everyone else. And like everyone else, wants to get a word in. And my word thinks that Peter generalizes the acts of the few to encompass the many who Ben aptly calls the people who “work their butts off for so little money and crappy benefits”.

  8. Once you are given power, you strive for more. Apparently, Pacquiao has become one of those asshole politicians who just cant get enough. I used to love him in boxing but now I just wanna kick his face(but i wont because he might jab me to death haha)

  9. May be the promotion was something like being knighted?

    It’s kind of odd – and makes me wonder how many other people became a high ranking officer just like that. I have nothing against Pacquiao getting honored… promoting him might not be the right thing to do.

  10. if youre so proud of this crap, then why cant you write it under your own name buji boy? get some balls.

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