Police thwart ’90s-era petty crime

Housemaid-houseboy petty crime teamups, a throw back to the early 1990s,
are still happening, Quezon City police found early Saturday morning.

It seems a housemaid and houseboy conspired to steal a car from their
employer, a classic inside job that featured heavily in 90s tabloids and
in the nightmares of the Philippine middle class.

With that middle class steadily dwindling, it was thought housemaid-houseboy
crimes were a thing of the past.

The victim was actress Meliza Mendez, who, with her ’90s-era alternative spelling
and hiring of an indentured servant, probably deserved it.

“But at around 1 a.m. Saturday, police
received a call for help from a resident
of Hobart Subdivision in Barangay Pasong Tamo.
It turned out to be the houseboy crashing the Lancer
into a concrete wall.”

And that, sir, is why you were never promoted to stay-in driver.

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