Real life good guy shoots movie bad guy

Actor Kirk Abella was shot Saturday while filming a mock documentary for a British director.

Not because his acting was bad or anything. If anything, his dedication to the craft is admirable. Abella, who was playing a goon on a motorbike, was shot for staying in character when confronted by a local watchman.

[Village watchman Edgardo] Cuizon, who was inside his house, was jolted awake by a neighbor who told him there were armed persons in the neighborhood.

He reportedly approached the motorcycle, held on to its rear and introduced himself as a barangay (village) enforcer.

When he saw the back rider, Abella, draw out a gun, he also pulled out an unlicensed .357 revolver. He shot Abella, hitting him in the back.

Cuizon, it was found, was not drunk or high on drugs. He was simply performing his civic duty of shooting suspicious masked men on sight.

Asked why Cuizon missed policemen assigned to watch over the film crew, local police chief Alexis Relado had this to say: “I think he was sleepy.”


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