Tanduay kills hundreds of fish, idiom

Tanduay Distillers, manufacturer of Tanduay Rhum, is being held liable for the deaths of hundreds of fish in Laguna de Bay.

Apparently, the Tanduay plant in Cabuyao, Laguna released alcohol into the Cabuyao River when the plant caught fire earlier this month.

On Oct. 21, the [Laguna Lake Deveopment Authority] told reporters that it started an investigation after fisherfolk reported that the dead fish from the lake emitted an odor similar to that of alcoholic drinks.

“The pollution that occurred was so extreme that the river beside the Tanduay plant is completely dead,” Zubiri said in an interview after the Senate hearing.

Big Mouth Billy Bass wants you to drink moderately


  1. Tanduay management must be foreign-educated-ivy-school-graduate who speaks impeccable englischtzes AND YET CANNOT KNOW they are illegally dumping pollutants into the river.

    What have they learned abroad? Can they learn? Or, they learn and knowing they can get away with pollutants. Why do they care? Downstream are just some poor brown-skin-punked nose Filipnos who got no class.

  2. Funny these Filipino buraucrats! They cannot even clean Malacanang river. Oh, yeah, because they are so busy protecting the habitat of bottled-nose dolphins in Tanon Strait from oil drilling. (Tanon straight is between Cebu and Negros).

    The environmental bureaucrats would rather save bottled-nose dolphins from oil exploratory drilling than hungry Filipino brown-skin-punked nose children. WHAT A PRIORITY!!!!

    I do not care about bottled-nose dolphins. I want that oil to feed the Filipinos!!! DRILL THAT OIL!!!!

  3. I am tempted to agree with you on dolphins vs. oil. Where do you draw the line, though?

    Strip mining for copper will bring in money but will destroy the mountains in Talamban/Toledo. Developing along the hills around Cebu will bring in money but destroy the hills. Drilling for oil could bring us billions at the cost of the dolphins. What price is too high?

    I’d appreciate your input on this, Mr. Pacifico.

  4. @1tamad, funny, only wealthy tisoys and tisay tourists get to see these mountains and hills anyways because the mountain people has descended into the city to find themselves jobs never thinking of going back to the hard life of the highlands afraid their glutathioned skin will become brown again.

    The mountains are the recreation area for these corrupt wealthy tisoys and tisays who are adored by the brown-skin-punked nose Filipinos of their beauty, fair skin and awed by their foreign-language called english and hispanoles dialects.

    Feeding Filipinos is topmost priority. Environment is last. What good is environment and pristine mountain scape when they are dead of starvation?

    Paano ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo.

  5. And we have provincial government that developed an expensive golf course at the back of Mountain Busay where only the rich, wealthy, famous tisoys and tisays and some as-if-they-are-rich corrupt-politicians get to play that requires turning off the tap in Cebu City so they can water the verdant greens.

    WHAT IS GOING ON? Filipinos are only goot in showing off.

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