Metro News: Facebook helps nab fugitive

Pro tip: If you’re a fugitive, don’t go online.

Talisay City (Cebu) Police who had been looking for the suspect in the stabbing death of a retired prosecutor had been coming up empty. The suspect was not at his house, and he had not been showing up at the massage parlor where he worked.

But Reginald Masangkay, the late prosecutor’s youngest son, contacted the police and informed them the suspect was in San Carlos City to attend a fashion show.

Reginald learned of the suspect’s trip from a “shoutout” on his Facebook account.

With the information, Biñas and two police officers left for Negros Oriental and coordinated with the local policemen to arrest the suspect at 11 p.m. Saturday.

The suspect did not struggle upon his arrest, Biñas said.

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So, yeah, future fugitives. Stay away from Facebook. And fashion shows.


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