SG airport police arrest Filipino for being a tourist

A corny old t-shirt reads ‘Singapore is a fine city’ and then lists the fines for chewing gum and other things the city state prohibits.

Apparently, Singapore now also prohibits going there too often as one Baguio resident found out when he was detained at the airport for visiting his girlfriend one too many times.

Arnold (not his real name) said when he arrived in Singapore, airport officials brought him to a room and repeatedly asked him why he kept coming back to Singapore.

Arnold has been in Singapore thrice to visit his girlfriend and added that in all of his visits, he always came back before his visit visa expired.

Arnold said it was his first time to be questioned by airport officials. Despite assuring the airport officials that he has plans of returning because he is studying, they still detained him for eight hours and repeatedly asked him the same questions.

Arrest you for being a tourist, can!

He was not allowed to contact the Philippine consulate or even to use his mobile phone. Singapore airport police told him they would contact his girlfriend to tell her he was being detained but they did not do so. I guess that was so he wouldn’t have a girlfriend to visit in Singapore anymore.


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