Lapid wants lighter load for schoolkids

This bit of news is a day old, but Senator Lito Lapid never gets old.

Lapid wants the country’s schoolchildren to carry no more than 15 percent of their weight in their schoolbags, a measure that Education Secretary Armin Luistro was quick to pooh pooh.

After all, he said, there are bags that have wheels now (as there were in 1988 when I started school).

But Lapid says he’s only thinking of the children.

“If only I did not go through such hard labor in the mountain—I was a wood gatherer and I carried sugar cane when I was young—I should have been taller because the Lapids are very big. I should have been taller than my father who was 5 (feet) 11 (inches),” said the 5’9” Lapid.

“This is from my own experience. Because I carried heavy wood and sugar cane, I became smaller as it probably had an effect on my spinal column. I don’t want other kids to suffer the same with the heavy bags they are forced to carry to school. They still have very young bones, do you want them to get a bent spinal column?”

The bill will probably not be passed by the Senate because the sheer amount of work getting a bill passed is more of a hassle than just, I don’t know, not putting all your shit in one bag.

Luckily, we have a shortage of textbooks, so school kids won’t have to carry all that much anyway.


  1. Senator Lapid’s argument is incredibly retarded but yeah, heavy bags are a pain. I always wondered why we couldn’t have lockers in high school.

    I remember that San Beda College (back in the day it was St. Benedict College, in Byzantine times it was Benedictine Abbey School) in Alabang hills had lockers for the high school students but that’s probably because it’s a private school. (Really poshy private school at that.)

    Is the budget really that low that we can’t have lockers? Even shitty wood ones?

    Inb4 Pacifico and Peryodistas.

  2. 15% of a child’s weight? So each child has a different maximum weight of books he can carry? Or is it standardised to the lightest kid in class? So to set the curriculum, the school board has to weigh each child?

    Lito Lapid’s a bit of a dumbass, isn’t he?

  3. ^He wants schools to have weighing scales so they can check how heavy the bags are.

    I’m thinking there’ll be like one Filipino Proto-child whose weight will be the standard.

  4. ^We had lockers in my school, but they were pretty small, so we had to lug a lot of stuff around. In senior year, I started skipping school altogether. Problem solved.

  5. Yeah, Senator Lapid is a bit of a thicky. Was it true about the law regarding chicharon and staples on the packaging? I didn’t want to go to the trouble of looking it up and confirming because it would lead to a drinking binge.

    But you know, he does have his heart in the right place. He’s looking out for Filipinos in his own way. It’s kind of cute and admirable, in a retarded sort of way.

  6. The staples in food packaging is serious business. Although more a matter of government agencies doing their jobs and not so much of legislation.


  7. American children go to school in shorts and pack light. They have sex early. Educated about reproductive and preventive sex. They smooch. They kiss. They push up their boobs. Put on make-ups. Wear jeans dangerously low.

    Philippine children go to school in long pants and pack heavy since the beginning of time. They carry rosaries and bibles.

    Lookit who are better in school?

  8. Journalists go to University of the Philippines, a Harvard-like (daw) institution. They are taughted to drink, smoke (because journalists ought to smoke and drink like in the movies they watch because it is cool), pack and read heavy textbooks from Americans. They are goot in englischtzes, too! They have a flair for it. They are literary geniuses who has no tolerance to double tenses and extra superlatives.

    Do they report news like what American textbooks instructed? Are they responsible or irresponsible journalists? Do they have editorial freedom? HAVE THEY LEARNED?

    Answer is big fat “NO”! They are toxic and corrosive and ignorant and oblivious. It is unfortunate Filipinos look at them as “intellectuals” and “professionals” because of flair of englischtzes and impeccable spellings.


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