Small Tobacco cries a river over health warning order

Let’s face it. The world hates smokers. In Hong Kong, for example, you can get fined HK$5,000 (29,000 motherfucking Philippine pesos) for smoking indoors and the people who run their airport crams smokers into a poorly-ventilated cubicle that will remind you how much of a deviant you are for still thinking cigarettes are cool (or for being an addict, which is also pretty deviant.)

Small wonder, then, that tobacco companies want to keep as many smokers still smoking. Which is probably why tobacco firm Telengtan Brothers and Sons Inc (La Suerte Cigar and Cigarette Factory) tried to stop the Department of Health from implementing an order to put pictures of smoking-related diseases on cigarette packs.

Telengtan, manufacturer of Astro, Memphis, and Canon cigarettes, says the order would cause “grave and irreparable damage” to the company because of the heavy fines that would be imposed for violating the order.

But a Paranaque judge would have none of it, saying La Suerte is jumping at ghosts since the DOH order is not supposed to take effect until September this year:

The Parañaque RTC denied the Telengtan injunction since it will preempt a decision on the validity of the AO, which is the principal issue in the case. The court also said that because the penalties are not even operative yet, Telengtan’s “rouse of a possible violation of the law becomes a little bit imaginary in the meantime, and would not stand to prejudice petitioner.”

It seems then that La Suerte pretty much intends to tell the DOH to fuck off but thinks the price of doing so is a bit too steep. So, I don’t know, guys, maybe you should try not breaking the law at all?

But it shouldn’t really worry about the public being turned off by the graphic health warnings they’re supposed to stick on their packs. I mean, when was the last time you saw a pack of Astro, Memphis, or Canon anyway?

For the longest time, I thought Lourd De Veyra just made up Astro cigarettes for the song of the same name.


  1. Just those brands? What about Marlboros and Mild Sevens?

    Yeah, I thought Astro was just a made up brand too.

  2. Actually, I don’t think putting graphic health warnings will deter too many smokers from smoking. I mean, when you’re hooked, it’s a pretty hard habit to break.

    What the GHWs could do, though, is give smokers an idea of what diseases like lung cancer (which we know we’ll get from smoking) could do to our bodies. It’s one thing to just read that you could die form smoking, and another thing altogether to see how crappy your lungs are turning from all the smoke and chemicals.

    What you do after that is up to you.

  3. HA!HA!HA!HA! Why are our bureauc-rats are so concerned about smoking? Lookit, Manila’s pollution is more dangerous than smoking. Run your fingers on those traffic signs in EDSA!!!! You get black soot. At the end of the day, try cleaning your punked-nose. BLACK SOOT!!!!!

    Now try smoking for a day, your nose is clean as your lungs!!!!


    • @Renato Pollution is indeed a threat to health. And so is smoking. At least something is getting done with one of these problems instead of none at all.

  4. I like this thread. It got a lot of FUCK without being bleeped!!!! I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SITE!!!!

    I recommend this site. WE ARE HUMANS AFTER ALL!!!!!!

    Filipinos do not want to use the word FUCK. They tear down sexy billboards and you know what we got? 99,999,000 Filipinos!!!! DENSEST CITY IN THE WORLD!!!!

    How we became 99,999,000 Filipinos? NOT BY MIRACLE! BY FUCKING!!!!



  5. @Mr Pacifico:

    Thank you for loving our site.

    The birth of a child is a miracle, though. Sure, it can be explained scientifically, but in the the end, a sperm and an egg getting together to make a baby is pretty miraculous.

    If you go by the Latin root ‘miraculum’ (object of wonder), at least.

  6. Smoking in this country is linked to the macho culture and pakikisama culture that is the norm here so that should be taken into account as well.

    It’s funny how nasty things like shortness of breath, brown teeth, and a variety of cancers can be ignored when the cause is something that is approved of by your barkada and (you think) makes you look cool.


    I smoke too. But I smoke a pipe so I have no idea how these things will affect my poison.

  7. @M, cigarette smoking pollution is a drop in the bucket compared to belching busses

    @1tamad, sure is a miracle, sperm+egg becomes human definitely not attributable to Muhammad and Jesus Christ

    @Anonylol, smoking is cool, lookit at clubs in Makati the pa-cool pipol smokes like they are impervious to cancer 🙂

    • @Renato And Metro Manila’s urban problems are a drop in the bucket compared to global climate problems. The Philippines’s poverty is a drop in the bucket compared to the world’s poverty.

      Attempts to better the world are admirable on any level, whether it begins in your own family or on a global scale. The latter doesn’t diminish the former’s importance.

      I agree that Metro Manila’s air pollution problem is severe and our lawmakers must act on it. But it’s not an either or situation with smoking. There’s no reason why they can’t act on both problems.

  8. @M, as to why they focused on cigarette smoke instead of smoke belchers is beyond me. Well, our lawmakers are Filipinos. Filipinos has this pre-existing condition called, CORRUPTION.

    They wanted to bilk these cigarette makers. Money to keep lawmakers mouth stuffed.

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