Sperm Whale found off Davao Oriental

Photo by Journalist SARX LANOS

A 40-foot sperm whale weighing 20 tons was found off the coast of Davao Oriental today according to Journalist SARX LANOS, who sends us daily dispatches.

Environment officials are looking for a place to bury the whale as well as for equipment to bring it there.

Dr. Lea Jiminez of the Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology had this to say to Philippine Coast Guard officers who dragged the whale to shore:

“Glad you were able to recover and secure the whale, this is very important event as our waters of Davao Oriental can have the biggest sea mammal in the world, this is world record.”

"World Record"

(thx, Journalist SARX LANOS)


  1. Hello Gerardo, Sorry for the late reply. I have been travelling, that’s why. Coming from Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City, there’s one trip every minrong. But you need to rent a boat going to Kaputian from Talicud Island where Isla Reta is. Once you reach Kaputian, ride a bus going to Brgy. Cawag to go to Hagimit Falls. Just tell the bus driver or conductor so you won’t miss the entrance to the falls. Isla Reta and Hagimit Falls are in 2 different islands. And unless you pay the P500 boat fare (pakyaw basis) from Talicud to Kaputian, it will be difficult for you to go back and forth from one place to the other. Hope this helps. Thank you for dropping by my blog! Lea

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