Slain journalist not actually a journalist

Relax, Reporters Without Borders! Nestor Bedolido, the journalist shot six times in Davao Sur was just a regular guy according to the local police chief.

“He is not a practicing journalist, but is a propagandist. He is working for some political personalities in the province”

That somehow makes his death less tragic, I guess. The guy was practically asking for it, not being a practicing journalist. You know who else was a propagandist? Dr. Jose Rizal. Things didn’t end well for him either.

Not only that, Bedolido, and the other ‘practicing’ journalists in this country are just victims of both a brutal culture and bad luck, says deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar.

So shut up about chilling effects and cultures of impunity already.

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  1. So, slain journalist is not really a journalist. Not worth a newsprint.

    But if a journalists is slain, it is worth a newsprint.

    Why? Because a Philippine journalist hates competition.

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