Poverty: a numbers game

Remember all those street urchins and various poor people you see on the streets begging and selling sampaguitas?

Deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar has magicked them all away with the 7.3-percent GDP growth that the administration has been crowing about.

Says Olivar, “Our daily experience with the images of hunger and poverty can persuade us that such misery is widespread. But those images, no matter how compelling, cannot controvert the numbers, which tell a different story—one of slow but sure improvement in the lot of the poor.”

Relax, kid. You don't exist.

So, guys and imaginary poor people, the next time you get angry at the massive chunk of your paycheck that goes to taxes and the crappy service that you get in return or feel bad that there are homeless people everywhere now,  remember that it’s all in the mind.

It’s numbers, not people, that count.

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