UPDATE: DepEd Fears The Wrath Of God, Backs Down on Sex Education

MRI of sexual juxtaposed with the Shroud of Turin

Sex, No! Jesus, Yes!

Outdated moral values trumps progressive education.  The Department of Education has indefinitely postponed the integration of Sex Education into the school curriculum, pending consultation with the Inquisition Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

Valisno clarified that the deferment was not a reaction to Monday’s filing of a class suit by Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) before the Regional Trial Court of Quezon City seeking to stop the department from teaching sex education in public and private elementary and high schools.

Sure it’s not.


  1. First no offense but i dont think the church moral value is outdated,its somthing the church believes and whether your part of it or not you should do respect it as well as others religion.Second i dont mean to defend the church cause its really not right as well to stop teaching family planing and others.Third I dont care as well if the DepED continue or not, cause its futile anyway. Most filipino’s are really too ignorant,too easily attracted to sex,or stack in the poor circumstance scenario.Like what mike enriquez told once in radio,our government should just follow the example of the principle of japan’s recent prime minister,instead of making this sex talk plan in schools.

  2. Hi DarkMagician!
    1. I’ll start respecting the Church as soon as they respect the autonomy of the State. Golden rule applies. If they can’t respect the values of others, then they deserve no respect.
    2. Okay!
    3. So we should just not at all make an effort to teach sex education? I think if it pushes through it may help. Better than nothing, right?

    Oh and I am quite ignorant on the Japanese Prime Minister’s principle. Can you explain it?

  3. @Dark Magician:

    While we make fun of our country and culture, we cannot accept your assertion that Filipinos “are really too ignorant.”

    We do stupid things sometimes and there are a lot of stupid people walking around. But we don’t call them idiots just to poke fun.

    The point of criticism is to call attention to flaws and to get people talking and thinking. Filipinos being “too ignorant” pretty much makes that a lost cause.

  4. 2 Mr m:
    1.Well if your following golden rule,shouldn’t you start respecting them first so that they respect the opinions of people like you who have that perception that church should lay back in state matters all the time.
    2.Same as i said b4,haha
    3.Teaching that in school for what?if we want children to learn that then the parents should be the teacher,if we want poor families who lacks proper guidance in sexual matters then make more programs which doesnt involve adding it in educational curriculum.I’m saying the idea that like the japanese,our government should be responsible and have dignity on what they do,besides from stoping corruption,should focus more on other things which are more neccessary like passing more bills for climate change matters etc. Besides sexual matters are something to be learned by ourselves and no need to be imposed from others.About the japanese prime minister go research instead of asking me and if you dont get it,its not my problem.

    • @DarkMagician
      1. Thing is, it’s the Church who first meddled in the state’s values. So they’re now getting the backlash. Their turn in the golden rule game. And anyway, it’s not a matter of being nice. The constitution mandates separation of Church and State.

      3. Regarding sex education: it becomes an important matter of state because it would have far reaching economic and ecological impact. For example, in terms of population.

      And if you read the proposed education modules (linked in a previous post), the state is not teaching the morality of sex but sex as it applies to science, math, etc. These are all valid topics for education.

      I agree that parents should be responsible for teaching their children about sex values. But it’s still the DepEd’s duty to provide a holistic curriculum.

  5. 2 1Tamad:
    Xenxa na late replies ko,pesky kasi 2ng servics ng globe,i’m still using them as temporary internet while d p ayos ung postpaid plan na kinukuha ko.First,i never meant to say your criticizing people just to make fun cause i myself dont.And as i said most filipinos,its not universal affirmative,didnt mean all filipino’s are ignorant. And by calling some of us like that,its because they are really like that,sorry but its the truth and if i’m the one too criticized i’m not going to try to alleviate what they really seem just for them to listen to me. One should criticized with what truth he/she see’s,and if the person subject to criticism dont take it just because of the harsh words one use then so be it. And besides the more true yet harsh you say the more it should affect them nd make them realize what you want them to.

  6. I agree with M.

    The problem with the Church is that they are thinking that because they are God’s “representative” they would know more than everyone else, including doctors that studied hard to get their MDs.

    Teaching Sex Education to children is similar to teaching the people about sanitation: things wouldn’t be as convenient as relieving yourself in a body of water then washing yourself afterward but you wouldn’t risk yourself to health risks that occur when you choose to pollute the source of drinking water.

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