Aborted secret election alliances

First, there was VillArroyo, then LegardAngara, followed by GloriAquino and MArroyo, all suggesting that in politics, no bedfellows are too strange.

Well, generally. Some alliances are just too ill-advised that they were deservedly still-born.

1. JamBynay

She’s an aristocrat who makes her pet whippets wear shoes. He’s–in the words of Sen. Escudero–not even an ilustrado. Perfect for soap operas, but even Philippine politics has a threshold for drama.

2. GiBoyani

Both were contenders to be administration Lakas-Kampi standard bearer, but Bayani Fernando stormed out of the party when Gilbert Teodoro was chosen.

Possibly one of the few vice presidential candidates rating lower than official Lakas VP bet Edu Manzano, Bayani brings little to the table. Also, pink and green don’t go together that well. Except in watermelons.

3. Villanue-Bayani

Bangon Pilipinas Bro. Eddie Villanueva of Jesus is Lord and former MMDA chair Bayani Fernando are perfect for each other because they’ll practically be governing two separate countries. Villanueva will make sure that people live moral lives, and Fernando beat up people who pee on the sidewalk. It’ll be like the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor in the good old days! Probably just as oppressive.

4. GorDom-inador Chipeco

Both stand for principled politics, and both have taken the press and polling services to task for allegedly ignoring them. The tandem may be a match made in heaven (especially since Chipeco is with the Christ-centered Ang Kapatiran Party), but not even God can bring them winnability. Well, He can, technically. But sometimes God means for the righteous to suffer. He’s like that.

5. Jojo-Mar Binay

It just won’t happen.


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