No Parking, No LTO Registration

Here’s a novel way to solve Manila’s parking problem (somehow): don’t let people without parking spaces at home buy cars.

Alliance for Rural Concerns Rep. Narciso Santiago III wants the Land Transportation Office to refuse to register cars whose owners do not have “a proof of permanent parking space for his automobile.

“People should be disciplined enough to be able to furnish their vehicles with the appropriate parking space inside their own lots,” Santiago says.



  1. Hmm. This is an old idea. My mom would bring up this idea every time we’d drive through narrow streets congested with parked cars.

    My mom also hates Indians.

    This idea will not work because it hinges on one thing: the competence of LTO.

  2. Is it fair, though? I mean, why begrudge a person a car just because he has a small house?

    On a related note, your mum has posted “No Parking” signs on your gate on account of there being a burger joint next door.

  3. This reminds me of something I read…I think in one of those Sionil books where this…fortuneteller-witch lady lived in an old Benz. No LTO registration for her, I guess.

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