Go Philippines!: World’s Biggest Mango

Ang Pambansang Mango

It seems Team Philippines is in for a good year. The Guinness Book of World Records has certified a 3.5-kilogram mango from Iligan City as the world’s largest, beating a 2.4-kilo one from Canada.

Said mango will be honored in separate resolutions at the House of Representatives and the Senate for proving that the Filipino can. Grow enormous mangoes, in this case.

Feelers from political parties have already sent overtures for endorsement deals, but growers Sergio and Maria Socorro Bodiongan are keeping their options open.

While the ripe mango’s yellow color would make it a shoo-in to join the Liberal Party, the mango may opt to side with the Nacionalista Party for its affiliation with peasant groups. On the other hand, it is currently green, the color of Lakas-Kampi chairman Gilbert Teodoro Jr.

Growers from Canada and other countries where mangoes are grown have hinted at the use of performance-enhancing fertilizers, but the Socorros denied this.

“They are just jealous and want to keep the Filipino down,” they reportedly said.


  1. The world’s biggest mango is from the Philippines, and the owners are from Iligan City, my hometown. I’m truly proud of the credit given by the Guinness Book of World Records.

  2. I think I saw this on the news as well and it is just overwhelming that the Guinness awarded this title to the Philippines.

    Great post, by the way! More Guinness titles to come for the Philippines!

  3. So proud to have this record. I have tasted one of this kind, and it’s good. However, the credit for good tasting mangoes, in my opinion, still goes to the pajo breeds – small yet tastes more than the biggest mango ever… 🙂

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