Alfonso Castañeda,NV: SUV country

Highest SUV per capita in RP

Alfonso Castañeda may just be a fourth-class municipality of Nueva Vizcaya province, but its officials ride around in first class.

The municipal government may soon find itself under investigation by the Office of the Ombudsman for buying 18 sports utility vehicles worth 24 million pesos including two Toyota Fortuners, the SUV for douchebags.

The purchases, not yet approved by the Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Board, have raised eyebrows in the mountainous province.

“The purchase is already in itself highly questionable because we do not believe that spending P24 million for SUVs is a priority,” a member of the Provincial Board said.

Nueva Vizcaya vice governor Jose Gambito asked the board not to make mountains of molehills, though. He said that while town officials are using the SUVs, “there is yet no indication that [Alfonso Castañeda officials] have already paid for the vehicles.”

So, basically, Alfonso Castañeda’s local politicians could be riding around in stolen property. That’s alright, then.