Teodoro bows to Church on RH Bill

Lakas-Kampi chair Gilberto Teodoro Jr and his wife Tarlac Rep. Monique Prieto-Teodoro have withdrawn support from the Reproductive Health Bill just months after declaring support for it even at the cost of pissing off the Roman Catholic Church.


Just in time, it turns out, to get them back into the good graces of the Church, whose bishops are about to come out with guidelines for Catholic voters.

I confess to you, my brothers and sisters, that I was partial to Teodoro until last night. True, he was Lubao’s man through and through, but at least he was straight about it.

Unlike people in Arroyo’s Opposition who slam the President when politically convenient, he refused to turn on her even though that would have meant cheap popularity. That he stood by–and stands by–his President hinted at some sort of character and principle.

His until-recently steadfast support for the RH Bill was also refreshing, especially since the Church, as history and Jose Rizal have taught us, has been the number one patronage politician for centuries.


His performance during the Ondoy floods was a bit disappointing, and so was his tired choice of a showbiz personality as his running mate to up his star power and mass appeal. But that was a result of poor planning by past defense secretaries, right? And Manzano as VP was probably a party  decision, right?

But kowtowing to the Church? After saying “I believe in freedom of informed choice by a person as to what he or she wants to do with his or her own body”? That’s all on you, Gibo.

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  1. When it comes down to everything, everybody’s still scared of the big, bad priests. I love God and pray as much as I can but I really wish that the Church would stop meddling in state affairs.

  2. @Maia: I think they’re doing it because of their roles as shepherds of their flock. Like it’s their duty to meddle in state affairs for their parishioners’ souls. (Vatican II, I think.) But, yeah, I get you.

  3. Yeah, and I might get my ass reamed by the pro-life side but we really need to resolve the overpopulation problem. If there’s anything in the bill that needs to be tweaked, then it should be tweaked. I see no reason in blocking passage of the bill. I doubt that the politicians will even want to open the can of worms that is abortion. Perhaps educating families on reproduction would be better. Dapat muna magpalamig ang mga tao.

  4. If he planned to do this just to get the support of the Church for the coming elections then press on passing the bill once he becomes president, I’d be impressed.

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