Douchebags in Flight

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

That we Filipinos see the law as something that can be bent is a given. This mentality seems to extend to other, more immutable laws, though. The law of gravity, say.

Philippine air regulations prohibit the use of mobile phones and other devices with transmitters aboard airplanes. The rationale being mobile phones could interfere with the airplane’s navigation systems and its ability to stay in the sky.

This does not seem to matter much to Filipinos, though, as demonstrated by a chorus of Nokia tones and message alert beeps that accompany Philippine flights on their final approach to any airport.

The thinking, I suppose, is that since you’re almost there anyway, a sudden burst of cellular activity won’t really matter much. No way to go but down, right?

"o, kumusta ka na? anong oras na diyan?"

"o, kumusta ka na? anong oras na diyan?"

The warning to stay buckled in until the plane comes to a complete stop is likewise treated as a friendly suggestion.  This shaves off precious seconds of deplaning time, but also increases the risk of baggage flying around.

No worries in case you get hit on the head by a suitcase, though. Medical assistance is just a call or text away.

Yes, we lost at the Philippine Blog Awards 2009.


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