Rep. Magsaysay has never heard of phones

Zambales Rep. Milagros Magsaysay (Lakas-Kampi) says that Cebu Rep. Antonio Cuenco (Lakas-Kampi) could not have conducted an informal survey of their colleagues where he says around half preferred Sen. Benigno Aquino III over other presidential aspirants. After all, she says, there are never enough congressmen around.

In a text message to reporters, she said:

“With quorum problems plaguing Congress, I don’t think the plenary can even muster 130 congressmen on the floor. It’s a good publicity gimmick for Noynoy but not at our expense.’’

Magsaysay’s main argument is that the House of Representatives is filled with lazybones. Although true, her argument makes no sense. Assuming that the House can only get 130 of its 268 members to attend sessions, that’s still more than 100.

Cuenco could very well have gone around and asked each one. It’s not like our congressmen don’t normally monkey around while the House is in session anyway.  The guy could even have passed a note around or whatever.

Even if only 15 congressmen bothered to attend, Cuenco could still have called his colleagues up. There are these things called telephones now, and they let you “talk” to other people even when they aren’t there.

"Why, yes. I do prefer Sen. Aquino."

"Why, yes. I do prefer Sen. Aquino."


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