Peace at last: Congress to add 9th ray to RP flag

The Senate and the House of Representatives have agreed to include a ninth ray to the sun on the Philippine flag. According to a press release, the move is meant to “acknowledge the courage, bravery and integrity of Muslim Filipinos who fought for the nation’s independence.”

Mindanao will still have to struggle with underdevelopment, poverty, and an insurgency caused by the two, but, hey, they’re on the flag now. So, hooray. Let it not be said that Imperial Manila does not care about Mindanao.



UPDATE: Members of the Muslim community seem to appreciate the gesture after all.

Atty. Pangnal Datu Ramos, legal counsel of the Bangsa Moro Civil Society and former Vice Governor of Lanao del Sur said:

“The Bangsa Moro people will never forget Senator Dick Gordon’s consistent advocacy of recognizing the heroic struggle for freedom of the Bangsa Moro people that led to the approval of the 9th ray in our country’s national flag. Senator Gordon displays his statesmanship and respect for the Filipino Muslims, sorely lacking in our national leaders. May his tribe increase.”


  1. To a certain extent, you can say it IS pandering but beyond that you\’d have to consider the number of other things that Gordon is trying to do for the Muslims in this country.

    Fruits of Hope, Red Cross missions in conflict areas and areas struck by natural disasters, the proposal to create a museum for Philippine Islamic history in Intramuros (which was originally the kingdom of Rajah Sulayman), and other things.

    Yeah, he panders but he also takes action.

    I don\’t think adding a ninth ray is going to solve our peace problems over night, but it is part of several steps that will help us get there — for one, perhaps the Muslims will have one less reason for saying that they are left out.

    The next steps involve bringing better governance to ARMM and the ninth ray will open doors to that.

    There are many roads to peace, there\’s no reason why we should use just one — let\’s use all of them.

  2. @PinoyBuzz: You’re right, and I wasn’t out to get Sen. Gordon. Adding the ninth ray just seems so superficial, though. Compared to, you know, maybe pouring funds into development projects.But see, the burden of that is on government, and not Sen. Gordon himself. It’s just silly, putting a ninth ray when Mindanao needs much more than that.

  3. Believe me, it\’s part of a much larger idea of finding a solution to conflict in Mindanao.

    We\’ve tried talking and we\’ve tried fighting.

    It\’s time to look for stuff we haven\’t tried before.

    The ninth ray IS superficial. The WHOLE flag is superficial… Until someone wipes his ass with it or sets it on fire.

  4. In the spirit of this post…

    next projects..

    making a movie about the bangsamoro people.
    putting up another statue of Lapu-Lapu
    announcing a holiday on their behalf
    naming his two dogs bangsa and moro
    wearing a t-shirt with a print of Lapu-Lapu

    so who says we need to give them back their lands stolen by corporations?

  5. wahaha! stop treating us citizens like nincompoops and imbeciles.

    the flag in the first place was created during the pseudo revolution against Spain. the revolutionary forces were not even united. the moros back then were fighting on their own.

    and what does this mean “recognizing the heroic struggle for freedom of the Bangsa Moro people”… freedom from who?or what?

  6. @Nepenthe

    “and what does this mean “recognizing the heroic struggle for freedom of the Bangsa Moro people”… freedom from who?or what?”


  7. @Nepenthe

    \"and what does this mean “recognizing the heroic struggle for freedom of the Bangsa Moro people”… freedom from who?or what?\"


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