Enrile readies for failure of elections

Hello, Johnny, our old friend.

Why, hello!

Why, hello!

While we were sleeping, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile proposed legislation to authorize Congress to elect an interim president in case of a failure in the 2010 elections.

You see, the election will happen on May 10, 2010 and you will know already if there was a failure of election. So between May 10 to June 30, Congress must elect whoever will become the head of the government temporarily until a new election is called.

The alternative, he said, would be the military and police taking over in a power vacuum. So, in case our P7-plus billion automated election system fails, we can look forward to either martial law, or some dude from the administration ruling indefinitely.

As one of our readers once said, “why afraid?”


  1. I smelled this too. Let’s consider these facts.

    The ARMM election was automated and this was roughly the time scale for the whole shindig:

    (1) 3-5 months for the DELIVERY of the equipment (the COMELEC hasn’t even ordered yet.)
    (2) At least 6 months for personnel training (I know this because I usually hung out at this hotel in Manila where it was conducted and I talked to them)
    (3) Setting up the infrastructure (takes 2-3 months or so)
    (4) Dry run (Around 3-4 weeks)

    That’s at least a year. We have 8 fucking months left.

    Also considering the fact that automation was for only 5 provinces and it didn’t even go smoothly.

    THIS thing we’re talking about here is NATIONWIDE.

    Can you just imagine? I wonder what the nice people at the Administration are cooking up…

  2. wow–basically. this guy knows (hint hint) that there will be some mechanical failure on the voting machines eh? then hmm..finally his dreams of becoming president will finally come true?

  3. @dicklip: CICT chair Ray Roxas-Chua says that the Comelec preparations are still on schedule. Worst case, he said, we can count the new ballots manually. That’s what he says.

    @lorie: To be fair to Sen. Enrile, he did say that he thinks the Comelec can pull it off. The proposed legislation is just a precaution. But then, politicians can pretty much say anything at this point. Doesn’t mean it’s true.

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