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How much is your idealism? Ako Mismo dog tags on for P100.

Humanap ka ng Pundit: the pundits at Filipino Voices debate on bomb scares and a possible Martial Law II.

Archive footage of the laughable and short-lived Pinoy Wrestling.

And the roster of Pinoy Wrestling superstars.

Ms. Clavel is a magazine about sneakers.

Aswang Puto by Huck Gee:

Out in August

Out in August

Two actresses squabble over who was rude to who first. Inconsequential? 1,611 commenters beg to disagree. No, really. They beg to disagree.

OLD’D: The friendly neighborhood nuclear phycisists at pinoychan’s /sci/ irradiate spiders.


  1. That Ding dude at Filipino Voices is so freakin’ irritating! Instead of objectively substantiating his conspiracy claims when challenged by another commenter, he simply slings the ooze out of his baboon bum! What a fear-monger, I’m sure any opposition-leaned tabloid would hire him for his critical thinking skills that are equivalent to those of the judges at America’s Next Top Model. Ugghh it pisses me off!
    On a lighter note (and to cool my head), I found Edu Manzano flying backwards as our classic Captain Barbell. Let me know if you want the link.

  2. Filo: Well, the dude’s a veteran journalist, so he probably knows of what he speaks. I agree, though, that name-calling doesn’t really help send his message across.

    The rumblings of destabilization plots and martial law don’t seem unfounded, either. What do you think? Are you with or against the government? Or is there some sort of middle way?

    Also, Capt. Barbell = go!

  3. @onetamad: I just wish he’d defend his statements with dignified authority, not like a schooled beeotch, y’know what I mean?
    As to whether I’m with or against the gov’t, I’d say I am actually against the opposition for being time-wasting insincere weasels who are only there to oppose, oppose, oppose; but I have absolutely no trust in the administration either. I can’t believe I pay my taxes to watch them mudslinging and whining and telling each other to resign. I’d rather watch Batista and company bash each other’s faces and THEN watch their contrived drama (At least they pretend to really whack each other). Pretty much all these pols serve only their personal agenda, even those who are “fighting for democracy.”
    Geez, where’s Eddie Gil when you need him? Such piluka power.
    Here’s the Captain Barbell link:

  4. Filo :

    @onetamad: I just wish he’d defend his statements with dignified authority,

    Filo, please. This is the Internet. That’s not how we do things around here.

  5. matinik :

    Filo :
    @onetamad: I just wish he’d defend his statements with dignified authority,

    Filo, please. This is the Internet. That’s not how we do things around here.

    Good point, matinik.

  6. @Filo: I think the point behind all the noise from the opposition is to ‘fiscalize,’ which I think, is to make sure that the administration is doing its job.

    This can be taken to extremes,however.

  7. @onetamad:Actually you articulated my thought much better than I was able to on my second post. I’m all for holding the administration accountable, but indeed it has been taken to extremes by some- well, many people.
    Really, i will shut the hell up when GMA announces martial law, but until then, I’m just gonna enjoy my hummus and Little Britain dvd.

  8. The problem, though, as was apparent at the Anti-Con-Ass rally, is that people tend to think that
    a. any form of protest is self-serving and is used for political gain
    b. protesting or speaking out will not change anything
    c. it’s too early to get agitated over the issue

    The opposition (whether politicians, church groups, NGOs) serve a purpose by registering their, well, opposition to the government, and giving the issue exposure.

    Again, this can be taken to the extreme or hijacked for cheap politicking, so I do get what you’re saying. Still, better this noise than silence. yeah?

    Re: Little Britain, it’s funny, but the sketches with the stubborn,handicapped kid and his best friend make me cringe. Also, the one with the crazy lady who lapses into sanity then right back to insanity. They tend to get repetitive, you know?

    Have you seen Mumbai Calling?

  9. Agree. Better the noise than silence. Thank God we’re not in China.
    Little Britain does get a little repetitive, but I guess I’m drawn to the fact that the two leads have such ridiculous range that I didn’t tire of their antics easily. I must admit some of their humor would be classified as borderline sick, but they handle the “filth” in a way that doesn’t offend – kinda like the friend we all have who cusses 19 times a minute but doesn’t rub people the wrong way. (I have one such buddy who couldn’t tell a story without filling half his airtime with tangina and he comes off funny, I dunno why.)
    Oooof, I digress.
    Yea I like Mumbai Calling, too. And the British version of Coupling – very smartly written it’s brilliant.

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