Indio Internet Weekly Digest 4

Every weekend, Indolent Indio comes out with a short and hastily-done roundup of things we’ve found on the Internet (pinoy chapter, of course.)

Quality, quantity and content may vary.

thx, pinoychan /b/

thx, pinoychan /b/

Vice President De Castro wins overpriced, low-quality swag, loses P100 thousand to Aowa scammers.

Hay Men! still getting hits over basically the same joke.

SilentSketcher imagines a FastFood Mafia.

Of particular note: Ron “The Don” McDonald and Grimace.

Humanap ka ng pundit: New Philippine Revolution falls for Sen. Manuel Villar, Jr. giving away houses on Wowowee.

Valby says: “people seem to think that we’ll all get Camella Homes if he wins.”

Aptly, Villar’s pre-campaign web site is called Akala Mo.

Ricky Remembers things that you may have forgotten from the ’80s and ’90s.

Internet royalty Reyna Elena launches ‘online’ yellow ribbon campaign for Pres. Corazon Aquino. Everything from protest to moral support is 2.0 now.

FreshManila is selling “Idol Ko” Hayden Kho shirts.  Go get ’em, “Eric Cruz”!

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  1. well, touchfulness naman ako sa link love! so, may i ask los hari de indios to join la parada del color yellow for cory? 🙂 wag kayong mahiya!

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  2. bloggerdorcomfucksupmyc.jpg
    Because keeps fucking up my comment at “New Philippine Revolution” (aside: what a pretentious name for a blog judging by how he got sold on Villar’s stunt at Wowowee), I’m posting my reaction here too:

    “Let me ask you to imagine something for just a minute.
    Imagine PGMA doing the exact same thing on Wowowee. She gives away 6 house&lot packages to 6 OFWs, with complete undisputable support/endorsement by Willie. Does SHE get your vote now? Is that how you pick your president? If Mar Roxas gives away 12 Toyota Fortuners to 12 very young, hard-working padyakito boys, who will get your vote now?

    Why should we let Villar buy the collective Filipino vote for the price of 6 houses? Why should you let him buy the presidency with 6 houses?

    Akala Mo: sinsero si Villar,
    Yun Pala: binibili niya ang boto nating lahat sa pamamagitan ng “pagbibigay” niya sa Wowowee.

    Now do you understand what you’ve just told us?”

    Is this the new goddamn trend here now? That all we do is determined by personal payoffs, people? No wonder the country’s exactly the way it is!

    Damnit – when will people vote effing wisely??? Lecheng demokrasya ito, damay ako sa boto n’yo!

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