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For Independence Day ‘09, The Indolent Indio is publishing a series of posts that touch on nationalism, freedom, and crass comedy.

This is us cheating by reposting old stuff you may not have seen yet.

We put this here so you'll think we're credible

We put this here so you'll think we're credible

Top 5 Things To Thank Spain For

“Bad as they were, our Spanish conquerors did not spend all day dreaming up ways to make us miserable. They made us miserable by their very existence, milking our labor and resources to feed their empire. Still, we have to admit that their centuries as our overlords left us some good things too.”

Veneration Without

“Every settlement in this country that rates a paved main street has a street named after Dr. Jose Rizal.”

Fighting Spirit Award

“Decisive set-piece battles are not in the Filipino subconscious. When we say patay kung patay, we mean our willingness to kill, not to die.”

Divide, and Conquer

“The Philippine Revolution, you say? Which one? The Katipunan was made up of factions that acted independently of each other except during elections and such (and not even then, if Andres Bonifacio has anything to say about it.)”


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