Lozada Is Still In Danger

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile has threatened to pull ZTE-NBN whistle blower Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada,Jr.’s Senate security detail for bringing them along on his golf games.

Supposedly, Lozada even has them caddy his games when he’s not hiding at La Salle Greenhills because of threats to his life.

He said that if Lozada can go out and play golf, then that might mean that his life is no longer in danger. And that is where Enrile–sharp legal mind that he is–is wrong.

It may seem bad form, but Lozada’s security detail from the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms was only conducting close-in security. By pretending to be caddies, they were blending into the background.

This is a great tactical move because it will draw out Lozada’s enemies, makingthem easier to neutralize in combat.

Like this, but with golf clubs and an umbrella

Like this, but with golf clubs

I mean, it’s not like assassins can’t just walk onto the golf course and waylay him for implicating the president and her husband in an over-priced and disadvantageous deal.

Pulling of Lozada’s security now will only give those who want him silenced an opportunity to do so after months outside LSGH waiting for him to slip up.

Mr. Lozada, Pres. Arroyo sends her regards

Mr. Lozada, Pres. Arroyo sends her regards

And it’s the Senate’s own fault, isn’t it? The guy tells all to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee at considerable risk to his family and himself. And then, because of political in-fighting and bickering between the current committee chairman and his predecessor, Lozada was left without even a committee report for his troubles.

At some point, he probably said, “screw you guys. I’m going to play me some golf.” Because, come on, guys, the case wasn’t going anywhere, and he couldn’t stay cooped up in La Salle all day being protected by the Senate and a bunch of nuns while waiting for the government to get its act together.

And when the Senate security team is finally ordered home, Malacanang can finally send a professional to take care of Lozada. Someone with a complete mastery of the terrain,  a team of experts in close-quarters combat and complete deniability.

This guy.

This guy.


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