Sen. Revilla wants Dr. Kho’s license over sex video

Sen. Ramon Revilla, Jr. just tore sex-scandal celebrity Dr. Hayden Kho a new asshole in a privilege speech, and wants the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) to revoke his license for being a pervert.


Why stop at just the license?

He said that Kho’s use of a hidden camera, and his positioning Katrina Halili so that she’s in full view of the camera, and then leaking the video means that Kho is a douche bag.

That he could sing “Careless Whisper” while cheating on Dr. Vicky Belo on the more G-rated video that has made the rounds of the Internet is proof enough. But this new video showing actual sex shows that Hayden is not the right kind of doctor. At all.

According to Revilla,

If you ask me, wala itong tao na ito sa tamang pag-iisip, and according to the Medical Act, this doctor can also be punished for insanity. Buwang itong doktor na ito.”



  1. If he\’s going to do that, he might as well ask the PRC to revoke Vicki Belo\’s license. After all, a physician should never openly criticize the practice of a fellow physician and look at what she did with Calayan through Boy Abunda. Second, she has tried to pass herself off as a dermatologist and, much later, a plastic surgeon when the Philippine Dermatology Society and Philippine College of Surgeons don\’t even list her as a diplomate.

    Oh, and doctors, in their code of ethics, are supposed to practice some form of austerity and I distinctly remember Dita Von Teese being flown here on her birthday for tens of thousands of dollars.

  2. Unlike his other counterparts, this dude is trying to be \"not mainstream\" by MAKING NOISE IN ALL THE WRONG FUCKING ISSUES. Damn. Props to this piece of shit for making himself look shallow.

  3. Is this the same Bong Revilla who spawned a child from an extramarital affair some years ago? Pot, kettle.

    Fortunately for him, there is no code of ethics for senators.

  4. @ Edrie: While I agree with you, I don’t think that’s what Revilla was driving at. That Dr. Belo, if that’s even her real name, sound pretty unethical too.

    @Dicklip: I’m not sure whether this issue is as shallow as it seems on first glance. I mean, scandal videos are pretty exploitative and can totally destroy a person.

    @joyfulchicken: There actually is a code of ethics for senators, as Sen. Villar is learning. But this is usually cited sparingly, and for political gain, as Sen. Villar is learning.

    Who did Sen. Revilla spawn a child with? I don’t think I remember that (although that is probably true.)

  5. Come to think of it, you’re correct. But well, that’s the risk of fucking around and/or trusting too much.

    And a bit of a stretch though, why do they not condemn these women for doing pre-marital sex since our government is god-ass-kissing??

  6. @joyfulchicken: Well, as you know, I believe Dr. Wikipedia as I believe the Gospel.

    @Dicklip: The issue is not the premarital sex, per se. Government shouldn’t really meddle in such private matters. The problem is that the act was filmed allegedly without their consent, and then leaked to the public.

  7. Yah, that’s why I said it’s a bit of a stretch. I’m not really looking at the legal element of it but the “moral incorrectness” (in religious sense) is just what I’m referring to. Hahaha.

    Anyway, I’m just wondering why this is a national issue in the first place. C’mon! What happened to the, say, numerous scams??? Who would you pity more and should give more attention to? That person who wanted to get fucked in the first place and got exploited for it OR those people who worked hard for their money and invested it for their child’s future in good will and lost it to money-hungry dickheads in a jiff?

    This issue shouldn’t have lasted for more than a day. SMH.


  8. At First I totally ignored the incident. I thought that it was just publicity, very bad publicity. But as far as I know any type of publicity is good publicity. So I thought it was just a scheme to have people talking about them (Kho and Halili). But after all the uproar about this thing, taking everything to the courts and having politicians comment about what they think about this douche bag, and having licenses revoked, its just sickening. The truth of the matter is, THEY SLEPT TOGETHER or in most common terms THEY HAD SEX, the damage is done. THIS Poor excuse for a doctor, happened to be dating another controversial doctor, who, hearsay, has other issues with other Colleagues (Calayan). These people decided to take it to the court, then lets just leave them be.
    And don\’t even go to that shit about moral fiber and doing a religiously incorrect act, everyone does it. As a matter of fact I just did it with your mom this morning! (wink)

    Truth is, I DON\"T GIVE A RAT\’s ASS! so Go F*ck Yourselves, loosers! lol

  9. Project Human Heart – Compassion, Love and Forgiveness
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