Sen. Revilla wants Dr. Kho’s license over sex video

Sen. Ramon Revilla, Jr. just tore sex-scandal celebrity Dr. Hayden Kho a new asshole in a privilege speech, and wants the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) to revoke his license for being a pervert.


Why stop at just the license?

He said that Kho’s use of a hidden camera, and his positioning Katrina Halili so that she’s in full view of the camera, and then leaking the video means that Kho is a douche bag.

That he could sing “Careless Whisper” while cheating on Dr. Vicky Belo on the more G-rated video that has made the rounds of the Internet is proof enough. But this new video showing actual sex shows that Hayden is not the right kind of doctor. At all.

According to Revilla,

“If you ask me, wala itong tao na ito sa tamang pag-iisip, and according to the Medical Act, this doctor can also be punished for insanity. Buwang itong doktor na ito.”