PacMom in the Morning

Indolent reader Atty.Victor P. says that the country is in dire straits indeed if media can devote a segment on the morning news to PacMom Dionisia Pacquiao’s love life. And he may be right.


True, the world of entertainment news is pretty much about making much ado about things like sexy dancing and the Gutierrez family, so we shouldn’t really expect much.

But how slow a news day is it when you can actually feature PacMom’s alleged romance with a dance instructor for an entire chikaminute?

Surely there are other more important issues out there?

Like this guy.

Like this guy.


  1. This was on this morning’s news show too! May interview pa siya denying it. Lahat ng mga DI sa kanila, may asawa daw, saka kilala niya lahat. You know.

  2. Well the fact that the fucking media even tells about that ugly old lady’s life in primetime (the rest of the fucking news day actually) shows how much they condone and propagate the useless mundanity and utter stupidity that the rest of our countrymen are further falling into.

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