1. You don’t have enough SPAM to need that shit. Just use Akismet. Also, funny meme. Keep it alive.

  2. Nice job of mixing Roxas’s Mr. Putangina persona with his new Mr. Pedicab! That was really funny!

  3. To be fair, Sen. Roxas has been making quite a lot of noise in the right issues. Also, his Araneta Center is our favorite place to be.

  4. Pu*****amo!! ROFLMAO!!!!!

    Oh, and politicians like Mar here ain\\\’t a hero (you can quote me on that). Just remember: WE PAY THE TAXES to keep these politicians\\\’ \\"projects\\" running.

    The trouble is, how many projects these politicians have to milk from us so our pockets and wallets would run dry? So that in the end, there is nothing more to offer than lint?

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