Daniel Smith’s acquittal: a step forward for female immigrants

and justice for all

and justice for all

Convicted rapist Daniel Smith’s acquittal by the Court of Appeals may be a bitter pill for rape victims and feminists to swallow, but it is a windfall for all women who want green cards and eventual citizenship papers.

This is an entirely new avenue for those frustrated with those snooty people at the US Embassy who look down on potential immigrants with disdain and a quite literal fuck you to stringent US immigration laws.

With the Balikatan military exercises pretty much as regular as Christmas, the Filipino dream of becoming an American is now within reach of a shitload of cocktails and an actual cock.


  1. and do you think any girl would be willing to be raped in exchange for a green card? i don’t think so.

  2. Suzette and Smith were BOTH used by the leftists in the Philippines (Gabriela, Bayan Muna, lawyer Ursua, politicians Hontiveros, Madridal, Legarda, etc.) for their POLITICAL and career aspirations.

    They did NOT really care about either of them but they saw an OPPORTUNITY and Smith was USED as an effigy of the US.

  3. Meeh: Substantiate your claim that the leftists like, uh Madrigal (who is old rich) and Legarda (who is as communist as that guy in Monopoly) did not really care about the case, but only for pushing their agendas.

    Are you saying that a.)there was no rape, and the leftist bloc made a big deal out of a simple one night stand or b.) there was a rape, but, you know, no big deal.

    Some fucktard asked once: “Do you think the Visiting Forces Agreement issue is riding on the Subic Rape issue?” What’s your take on that?

  4. It’s hard to speculate, but “The Girl” “DID” consent, concerning that she went with them FROM the singles bar and got drunk. She even migrated to the US and married an American. They just used her to get some media mileage. GABRIELA, BAYAN MUNA and the rest of you MILITANT party lists, Where were you all when ONDOY devastated the people you so say you were SERVING? Why “did you not” use your PORKs in helping those people?

    P.S.: VFA is crap, might as well build them a base somewhere to accommodate them rather than screwing your countrymen.

    And Why always US? They have no RESPECT whatsoever with other country’s CULTURES, They only want to feed their GREED which is INSATIABLE. Why not Germany? (Just not the Nazi types) They make good cars and machines. Or Japan (Excluding the Yakuzas) who has great agricultural technology. Wake up people!!! šŸ™

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