1. i didn’t even have a hint of knowledge about this.
    basketball is a big deal for many lasallites.
    i understand why many alumni are into it.
    for the rest, i honestly dont get it.

  2. i’m still in college actually. I’m taking a double major in communication arts and marketing.

    just a side note: my physics teacher in HS told us about how he went to lasalle in his freshmen years, and after 3 days of school he pulled out his application and transferred to ust. When asked why, he just shrugged and said ‘Can’t explain, you’ll know when u go there.’

    I get him now.

    You’re from UP, right? what did you take up?

  3. Hehehe. I’m trying to keep my identity secret, so I won’t be giving out stuff like that. I did go to UP, though. I can’t say whether that’s good or bad for our national university.

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