Xenophobia Begins At Home 2: Americans


The Americans are what good Filipinos want to be when they grow up.

What We Call Them:
Joe- From Victory Joe, we suppose. By default, all Americans are Joes regardless of race, creed or gender. That’s democracy at work.

Kano- An abbreviation of Amerikano.

Puti- For the sake of convention, all white people are Americans, and all Americans are white. This is globalization at work.

What We Say About Them:
The booming outsourcing industry has taught us several things: call center agents are a horny lot, that we speak better English than most Americans, and that most Americans cannot be bothered to read the user’s manual.

More traditional sources like balikbayan titos and popular culture have shown us that Joes are also brash, lazy, loud and generally come in second place in Pinoy jokes.

Why We’re Douchbags For Saying It:


  1. Filipinos have too much of a white-washed view of the U.S. The blacks, for example, have no illusion about America and their place in white society. That’s why they turned from “big black americans” (Cassius Clay) into African Americans (Muhammad Ali). Study the life and works of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Franz Fanon and yes, Muhammad Ali.

  2. Here’s what John Wayne did to Filipinos some 100 years ago:

    “I need not dwell on the cruelty which, from the time of the commencement of hostilities, has characterized General Otis’s treatment of the Filipinos, shooting in secret many who declined to sign a petition asking for autonomy. I need not recapitulate the ruffianly abuses which the American soldiers committed on innocent and defenseless people in Manila, shooting women and children simply because they were leaning out of windows; entering houses at midnight without the occupants’ permission–forcing open trunks and wardrobes and stealing money, jewellery and all valuables they came across; breaking chairs, tables and mirrors which they could not carry away with them, because, anyhow, they are consequences of the war, though improper in the case of civilized forces. But what I would not leave unmentioned is the inhuman conduct of that General in his dealings with the Filipino Army, when, to arrange a treaty of peace with the Civil Commission, of which Mr. Schurman was President, I thrice sent emissaries asking for a cessation of hostilities.”

    “True Version of the Philippine Revolution” by Emilio Aguinaldo, Tarlak, 23rd September, 1899

    Captain America, eh? You bet.

  3. surprised you didn’t rip amercan’s as much as you did the indians, chineese and koreans. i guess its really true then that philippines and the filipios are the probably the only ones left in the world that “love” the americans!

  4. Well, with all the economic and military aid (and strings attached) we get from them, I suppose it’s our patriotic duty to love our white elder brothers.

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