New Made-up Word

Promodizer: Apparently, these are the guys who demonstrate new products and give out free samples at supermarkets. They work with merchandisers, I guess, since they’re usually paged together on supermarket PA systems. What merchandisers actually do is anyone’s guess.


  1. can i answer this question? merchandizers are people who work in a retail outlet, like a supermarket or a dept store, not directly hired by the store but sent by the supplier to watch over their products and make sure that their items are properly displayed. so if you see a guy with a purefoods apron or a nestle shirt inside a supermarket, those are merchandizers.

    talagang sineryoso ko eh no?! haha.

  2. HAHA. promodizers are those who only go to the store (supermarket/dept store) to promote a particular product. yeah i guess you got it right.

    btw, a happy birthday to you tomorrow 🙂

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