The Koreans were a red-herring all along.

For months, we have suspected a secret invation from these kimchi-eating, Jesus-peddling aliens (OneT can charge me with xenophobia later, but I am an avid Edgardo Reyes kuko sa liwanag girl). Their numbers didn’t wane even in the face of our Pinoy muggers (our muggers can mug on an Olympic level. As long as no one drug-tests) and our top-brand, class-A urban pollution. They stayed for our mangoes and our collegiate-level English tutors (who, in turn, milked those cow-tits with expert hands). But now the real beast reveals itself.

GMA welcomes our new Skrull overlords

GMA, McCain, Kim Jong-il, and Dr Doom welcome our new Skrull overlords. Ah, then the Koreans are part of the conspiracy. At least, the North is.

This is not surprising and hardly unprecedented. What’s another colonizer, hey? As a matter of fact, what’s another charter change?

-PreMadonna does not believe in spoiler warnings


  1. It’ll be hard to respect leaders with ballsacks on their chins, though. I mean,your basic skrull has zero charisma, pretty much.

    On the other hand, they won’t hesitate to kill any dissidents. So, I dunno. It’s sort of like what we have now.

  2. The Koreans (together with the Japanese, Chinese and other Asians) are quite harmless compared to the White Trash Pedophiles who frequent the Philippines. But Filipinos being what they are — white-washed wanna-be whites — the White Trash Pedophiles are treated like royalty while the Asians are treated like shit (literally BEHO). Whether it’s media coverage, films (Kuko sa Liwanag), muggings and yes, kidnappings, Filipinos generally treat their fellow Asians like BEHO compared to the White Trash who gets royal treatment. Even White SHIT smells like roses to Filipinos.

  3. I beg to disagree with your comment, Antibeast…err…at least on the “BEHO” part. Realize that afternoon TV shows are dominated by Korean/Japanese dramas. Sapat na iyon para ipakita na hindi sila binabastos. Kabababa ko lang mula baguio at malapit sa Burham park – LO AND BEHOLD! mayroon Korean-only club! Plus do you even know the meaning of the word Otaku? There are so many Jap and Chinese wannabes roaming around the streets of Urbanized Manila, its frightening. Ewan o ba kung matutuhan sila sa Araling Panlipunan classes nila tungkol sa WW2. Freaky, really, expecially when I hear younger kids calling me: Onee-sama.

    Oh, and they are also pretty much the same as the so-called white trash. kaya nga lang, mas tahimik gumawa ng katarantaduhan. Di sila gaya ng mga kano, malilinis silang mangbaboy.

  4. I would disagree with what you said, Antibeast. It’s more like they are trying to emulate the gangstas these days.

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