E-heads Reunion Tix On Sale

Tickets to the reunion concert are now available at Ticketworld outlets and on their retarded website. P800 for General Admission,P1300 for Patron seats.

We bought GA tickets. At P800, that’s equivalent to ten late-’90s concerts each featuring two top-billed bands and a free drink. Oh, Inflation, that kind of loving drives a man insane.

(Thank you, pavliuts, for the heads up.)


  1. Online commerce. We bought them through TicketWorld’s clunky website. It was quite an ordeal, let me tell you.

    “It was quite an ordeal..”

  2. now that money is involve,the mosh pit should be trim down to good fans who have time and 800 to spend.

    at least DOH did one job right, i guess. i\’m not clear with the details of the sudden drop of sponsorship.

    enjoy the concert people and its my pleasure, onetamad. Eheads probably read ur post.

  3. pavliuts, I don’t know why Philip Morris bowed out of the concert, either, but I’m glad they did. My wallet may not be, but hey, it’s the eraserheads.

    miss choi,isa kang burgis! My girlfriend and I figured that we don’t really need to see the band up close because a. we’re poor as rats with no money, and b. just hearing them will probably reduce us to nostalgic jelly. Also, c., fence-jumping.

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