Inside Indolent Indio: An Update

Internet connection has been intermittent (read: crap) since the typhoon hit, but do not think that we have been sitting idly on our asses all day. Know with a certainty that we have been.

Meanwhile, in stately Wayne Manor,

* We won 1st Runner-Up at the Blog Awards Challenge, which makes us First Loser, and gives us the right to rock this Netscape-era badge:

a winner is you

* Indolent Indio also welcomes a new addition to the team. It is expected that she will adhere to the Indolent work ethic by missing deadlines, posting irregularly, and writing while under the influence.

PreMadonna suspects that she was Dian Masalanta in a previous life, but all traces of her past have been obliterated in a haze of religious book-burning, and the forced conversion of her people.

She now spends her days in relative quiet, deserting the bothersome burden of birthing –except in the creative sense, for which her lady bits are most grateful. She joins the Indolent Indio graciously and hides her secrets behind her smile. (“end quote”)


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