Traffic Police State

hil to the kingA little more Korean culture has come to our tropical shores. North Korean, in this case.

Lining the streets with propaganda posters is not a new thing in oppressive regimes. Banners of leaders striking a pose and exhorting their people to raise high the banner of revolution and to rain death on capitalist pig-dogs/ infidels/ heretics/ deviants/ lumpenproletariat has been par for the course with dictators, strongmen and various absolute leaders.

Bayani Fernando the First, King of Metro Manila is merely taking part in a grand tradition that goes back at least as early as Hitler and Stalin, was colorfully documented in bad ’80s films that showed Michael Dudikoff slipping into cities like Tehran, Moscow and Baghdad against (literally) a backdrop of bad guys on billboards proclaiming death to America, and is now the linchpin of the entire art industry of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.


  1. I hear some copycat copied this idea for a ‘wacky’ graduation pic. Complete with pink background, barong & iron fist on chest, and the word KAAYUSAN right underneath.

  2. It’s scary, though, that he can pull something like this off. Billboards that show smiling politicians, and thanking them for paving roads is a given, but being the avatar of order is something else entirely. His ambition is made of sterner stuff.

  3. This guy’s authoritarian tendencies are highly disturbing. Good thing he doesn’t have Hitler’s charisma. That hopefully limits the amount of damage he can do.

  4. Hahaha. Yeah. It’s the color, man. It’s hard to whip a mob into a frenzy against a pink backdrop. I’d keep a close eye on him, though. Hitler preyed on the German people’s dissatisfaction with the economy and their country in general, focusing their rage at a culture considered alien, rude, anti-German, etc. It’s not that far a leap of logic to equate them with the Koreans who come here and are generally obnoxious. But this is primarily a humor blog with pseudo-sociopolitical commentary, so that’s a story for another day.

  5. Aw, why the hatorade for Bayani? I for one welcome his authoritarian measures. Discipline and strict adherence to the law leads to progress, not damage.

  6. “You say that now.

    You’ll sing a different tune when he lines you up against the wall for driving like a madman.”

    Shouldn’t people who drive like madmen and endanger pedestrians (a lot of which are children), be punished severely? Your distaste for Bayani is clouding your judgement of right and wrong

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